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我的英语老师 Our English Teacher

We have a good English teacher whose name is Bruce. He comes from Britain and he is about forty years old. He is a tall and thin person, wearing a pair of glasses which makes him more like a gentleman.

He is strict with us. He often makes full preparations for his class and corrects our homework carefully. His teaching style is very unique, because he is used to encouraging all of us to think by ourselves and study on our own. The relationship between Bruce and us is harmonious. He is so kind and friendly that every student likes him and respects him deeply.

Our teacher is so excellent that we all love him very much.




当信念动摇 When Faith Is Questioned

When I was very small, my mother always told me that no matter what kind of difficulty I met, if I kept moving on, then success would come sooner or later. But as I went to middle school, my faith began to lose, because sometimes I found no matter how hard I studied, I just couldn't get good results. But I still struggled to fight for my dreams. The good thing was that I made progress step by step. I became much stronger on the process of overcoming difficulties. As the saying that Rome is not built in one day, we need to believe in our faith, which makes us stronger.


当我长大后 When I Grow Up

How time flies! Now I am 19 years old. I won't cry when I leave home for a very far city to study. But tonight I'm very unhappy, because I miss my parents so much. As time goes, we have a little time to stay with our family. We only do our own things, just like, playing games, watching TV, playing mobile phone and so on. We don't talk with each others. The old are very lonely and the young are very love to play iPad, which is unhealthy. So, when we group, please don't forget our parents, because we won't exist without them.


白色的世界 The White World

As I live in the south, I never have the chance to see snow. I wish I could witness it once in my life. My wish came true this year, because my parents flied to the north city to spend the holiday. We bought a lot of clothes. When we took off the flight, it was so cold for me, because I never experienced such coldness. The world was white for me. The trees were covered with white snow, and it was amazing. I felt like I was in the story world. But in the house, it was so warm because of the central heating. It was even warmer than the south. The most exciting thing was to play snow. I built snow men with all kinds of shapes. It was so funny. My father and I played in the snow for a long time. It is so unforgettable for me.


去北海旅行 A Travel to Beihai

As the winter vacation is so long for me this year, I have nothing to do, so I decide to make a trip to Beihai before the Spring Festival. I have been to Beihai once, it was the first time for me to see the beach, I felt so excited at that time and I told myself to come there again. I carry out my plan this year, but in different mood.


Since the last time I came to Beihai and saw the beautiful beach, I miss the seashore all the time. This year, besides watching the sea, I want to see the sunrise. I went to the silver beach, I sat under the trees, the breeze came across me and I just watched people walk on the beach. It was such a beautiful picture and I was enjoying it.


I asked my friends to come with me, we rent a tent, sleeping on the beach. I listened to the sound from the sea water, I felt so peaceful. When it almost light, we woke up and sitting at the beach, we talked happily and waiting for the sunrise. Then we saw it, it was so wonderful and beautiful.


My trip to Beihai is unforgettable for me.


我喜欢的颜色 The Color I Like

When it rains with sunshine, I will be very excited, because I know I can see the rainbow soon. The colorful rainbow always attracts me, and the color red is so beautiful, which is my favorite color. When I am in red clothes, it makes me look with vitality. As I am young, red can presents me. My mother always likes red color, and she says I look good in red.


微笑 Smile

Recently, I saw an piece of interesting news. It was reported that what kind of girls were favored by the boys. At first, I thought it must be the pretty faces and the good body shapes, but the news proved my idea was wrong. It was said that most boys were attracted by the girls who smiled a lot. They believed these girls were easy-going and they would like to talk to them. Actually, most people like to communicate with the nice one, they pay more attention to the character than the appearance. The good personality is the key to keep the long relationship, but beautiful faces just attract others for a while.


现在的我 The Current Me

Before I go to middle school, I was a lazy girl. I always forgot to do my homework. But since I became a middle school student, I realized that it was time for me to grow up. I needed to be mature. The first thing for me to do was to take care of myself. I learned to wash clothes and cook the basic food, so when my parents weren’t at home, I could solve the problem by myself. They no longer needed to worry about me. I feel so good about the present life. I can make my own decision and learn to be stronger. The progress I made helps me to be a better person.


爱 Love

The theme of love is always around people. It is the power to help people to move on, so when we meet difficulty, love from our families and friends can help us to get over it. Love for animals and nature are easy to be ignored by us. The news reported some people abandoned their pets or killed animals, which was such brutal. What's more, look at the environment we live today. It has been polluted badly. Nature punished human being by all kinds of natural disasters, so protecting animals and environment is loving ourselves. When we get along with animals and nature, the world will become better.


陪伴 Company

When I was very small, my parents were very busy, so I stayed in the hometown with my grandparents. When I met problems, the first thing I did was to ask help from my grandparents. My parents realized their problem and decided to spend more time with me, so they lived with me. My mother would ask me to help her with the housework. I learned many basic life skills. While my father would help me to do my homework, or sometimes we watched basketball match together. The time my parents accompanied me let me sense the deep love and care. It is worthy of all the things in the world.




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